Driving revenue and margins through efficiency, transparency and insights.

Brava is an Enterprise Management System that connects property, people, and processes all under one system. It’s easy to implement, unifies third-party systems and unlocks your data.

11 years of powering real estate operations; trusted by major corporations.


Bringing harmony and control to real estate operations.

Real estate is messy to manage. It’s fragmented, expensive, and operationally complex.

Focus on value adding opportunities with a central source for real time, accurate data.

Reliably manage energy reduction initiatives and hit ESG targets, consistently and demonstrably.

“Buildings are responsible for around 40% of global energy consumption.”
Allianz Insurance


Whether it’s traditional, flex or collaborative space, streamline operations and enhance the tenant experience.


Multi-family, single family or association. Increase responsiveness, optimize occupancy and enhance quality.


No matter the size or number of properties, Brava puts visibility and control in your hands.


Our solutions for hotel and food service operations take the stress, guesswork and risk out of hospitality management.

Solutions for...

Whatever your role or activity, we have the solution for you.


Transparency and visibility at your fingertips. Brava has the comprehensive solution for owners, from sourcing to disposition, and everything asset management in between.


Streamline operations and bring full control across desktop and mobile devices. Automate tasks and work-orders, monitor energy and activities, and empower personnel with full information where they need it.

Service providers

Deliver exceptional service and transparency to clients, with pan-portfolio reporting and analytics. Increase revenue, reduce costs, improve quality and streamline operations.


A full range of data-driven tools for developers. Manage deal sourcing, tracking, commissions, site selection, planning & construction through to marketing and sales.


Digitize and automate lending operations with Brava workflows and analytics. Full management of customers, loan tracking, servicing, facilities, covenants and critical dates.

Operate in a data rich environment and let information guide your decision-making processes.

Put processes in place that just keep running, and keep the business on course.

Manage by exception. Let Brava draw your attention to outliers, risks and opportunities… leaving you free to focus on innovation and value.


Information available where and when you need it.

A system that fits the way you work, rather than requiring you to change.

Corporate operations

Asset management

Deal Management

Property & Facility Management

Leasing & Marketing

ESG Management

Development & construction

Data Powered
Decision Making

Adaptable to what users actually want, with easy and flexible configuration.

The choice is yours. Brava can address a specific acute need such as managing sustainability, property inspections or an HR helpdesk.

Brava can fill in gaps between other systems, or be adopted as a holistic approach.

Unified data across the organization enables exception monitoring, data driven analytics, and the use of AI tools for intelligent operations.

“35% of time is lost by CRE professionals collecting data, crunching it and then looking for risks and trends.”



11 years of delivering unparalleled service to the real estate industry.

Work on Brava began in 2011 in recognition of the need for a comprehensive joined up solution for real estate management.

We signed up our first customer in 2012 and since then have continued to grow and develop, adding new functionality and incorporating new technologies.

Brava is now a comprehensive Enterprise Management System for the real estate industry, available as individual applications (point solutions) or as a full enterprise offering.

Brava has been adopted by some of the largest corporations in the USA and is available today as a full commercial offering for the real estate industry.

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